sábado, 17 de junio de 2017

Día del Refresco

"Monkey Man" (David Byrne)

Back from the war
Covered in red, white & blue
So here I am
But I got nowhere to go

Heaven help you now
Heaven help you now

Monkey man
Life is more than just survivin'
Take a look
Is there anybody drivin'?

I'm gettin' outta my head
Who's laughin' now
You should be runnin' my friend

Heaven help us now
Heaven help us now

Monkey man
D.N.A. and evolution
Slide on down
Let's get back to the beginning

Driving with my whiskey in my hand
And there you go ? what's goin' on
Outa control into the promised land
And down we go

Monkey man
Are we just some weird mutation?
Oh, my mind!
Someone pinch me, am I dreamin'?

Like a snake
I will strike without a warnin'

Monkey man
Let's get back to where we started
Slide on down
Evolution's goin' backwards

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