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Dia G 30.05.10 (5) - Robert Fripp - Exposure (1979 UK)

By Eric

Robert Fripp - Exposure

Exposure is a rock music solo album by guitarist Robert Fripp, best-known as the only constant member of the progressive rock band King Crimson. Released in 1979, it peaked at #79 on the Billboard Album Chart. Lyrics were mostly provided by Joanna Walton, a poet and girlfriend of Fripp's, who in 1988 was a passenger killed in the destruction of Pan Am Flight 103

After terminating the first run of King Crimson in 1974, Fripp decamped in 1977 to the Hell's Kitchen neighbourhood of New York City. New York was then a centre of punk rock and what would come to be known as new wave, and Fripp dived in to the scene, playing and recording with Blondie and the Roche sisters, absorbing the sounds of the active downtown music scene. He envisioned a new approach, and incorporated elements of these NYC experiences into his current palette, including "Frippertronics," the tape loop techniques he had developed in tandem with Brian Eno.

Originally, Fripp envisioned Exposure as the third part of a simultaneous trilogy also comprising Daryl Hall's Sacred Songs and Peter Gabriel's second album aka Scratch, both of which Fripp contributed to and produced. Hall's management and label resisted the project, fearing the music would damage Hall's commercial appeal, insisting as well that Exposure be equally credited to Hall, initially Fripp's main vocalist. Fripp instead used only two Hall vocals on his album, substituting Peter Hammill and Terre Roche in various places.

The trilogy did not work out quite as intended, although all three albums eventually appeared in the marketplace. The songs "Urban Landscape" and "I May Not Have Had Enough of Me But I've Had Enough of You" appear on the Hall album as well, the latter entitled "NYCNY" with different lyrics written by Hall. The Gabriel record also features a version of "Exposure." "Here Comes the Flood" had previously appeared with orchestral arrangement on Gabriel's first album, but Gabriel disliked the production,[citation needed] and created a far simpler rendition of the song for Exposure for his own album.

The album was remixed in 1983, and this second "definitive edition" released in 1985 with alternate takes and the deleted Hall vocals to "Chicago" and "Mary" restored. In 2006, a 24-bit two-disc remaster appeared on Fripp's Discipline Global Mobile label. One disc contained the original 1979 album, and the second disc contained a third version of Exposure with bonus tracks. A facsimile of the second edition can be created by programming the contents of the second disc as 1-2-3-20-5-6-22-19-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17.

This album "is indebted to all those who took part in the hazardous series of events culminating in this record, and several who do not appear but who helped determine the final shape: Tim Cappella, Alirio Lima, Ian McDonald and John Wetton."

CD de 1979 y reedición de 2006 con dos CDs, ambos a 320 Kbps


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