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Dia G 25.01.09 (5) - Gravy Train - Staircase To The Day (1974 UK)

Gravy Train
Staircase To The Day


Track Listings

1. Starbright Starlight (4:28)
2. Bring My Life On Back To Me (5:48)
3. Never Wanted You (4:04)
4. Staircase To The Day (7:31)
5. Going For A Quick One (5:16)
6. The Last Day (5:36)
7. Evening Of My Life (2:59)
8. Busted In Schenectady (8:11)

Total Time: 43:53

- Norman Barrett / guitar, vocals
- George Lynon / guitar
- Barry Davenport / drums
- Lester Williams / bass, vocals
- J.D. Hughes / keyboards, vocals, flute, saxes

- Mary Zinovieff / keyboards, violin
- Peter Solley / keyboards, vocals
- Jim Frank / Drums
- PP Arnold, Faye Doris, Bobby Harrison / Backing vocals
- Vic Smith / Cowbell

Releases information

LP Dawn 1 (1974)
CD Castle NEM613 (1994)
LP Get Back 620 (2002)
CD Repertoire 4133 (2002)

[...] The album stands hundred percent more stronger than the "first" album under the Dawn label (and spell of music), but typicalness still raises to point out that the band's virtue hasn't got (anymore) the fascinating lengths pulled out in the first period. With a refined sense, a couple of pieces shine like never before. Much to the tranquility of "acclaimed compositions", Staircase To The Day is a worthy rock composition, delicate, first of all, within its surmountable quality of rock, of perspective and of fusion. Previous to this one, Bring My Life On Back To Me plays a too soft movement, but has strong vocals and a rhythm of dousing pleasure. The Last Day finally combines the wind-folk simple cut with the bass-groove small sequence of rock 'n' rave. Keyboards share an uncharacteristic expansion towards synthesism, since both guests, Mary Zinovieff and Peter Soiley (oh, that's right, J.D. Hugues departed!), play a mixture of plastic and old-"melo" keyboards - such effects are more entertaining (Starlight Starlight being, anyhow, a cheesy but catchy piece) or do stranger improvisations (Going For A Quick One having nothing in common with good value). [...]


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