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Dia G 30.11.08 (6) - Neil Young, Bob Dylan & The Band - San Franciscan Nights, 1975 (1996 US)

Neil Young, Bob Dylan & The Band - 1975-03-23 - San Francisco, California
By Ljuba Jerinic
SNACK Benefit, San Francisco, CA March 23, 1975
Kezar Stadium, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

(Radio Broadcast - Live on KIOI-FM radio)

01. Introduction
02. Are You Ready For The Country (Neil Young)
03. Ain't That A Lot Of Love (Banks & Parker) H. Banks / A. Jones
04. Looking For A Love (Neil Young)
05. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (S.Wonder) S.Wonder / L. Hunter
06. I Want You (Bob Dylan)
07. The Weight (Robbie Robertson)
08. Helpless / Knockin' On The Heaven's Door (Young / Dylan)
09. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (A.P. Carter)

There have been several releases of this venue. Even though it was a broadcast event, live on KIOI-FM radio, Dylan's part is not audible in most cases. There is no better tape in existence. The reason is that this is not a fault of the recording, but actual problems at the show due to a faulty mic and bad mic placement. It is an interesting piece for historical value. Just don't expect to get a Dylan rush. His vocals are barely heard, if at all. The rest of the mix is sad. It's as if there were no soundman. No problem ever gets fixed throughout the entire show.


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katetoscopio dijo...

Nuevo pass (refresco): katetoskopio/neilyoung&bobdylan

Jeimen dijo...

Hola, con tanta musica por escuchar tenía un poco olvidado a este hombre y pensando en qué escuchar de él me encuentro ésto con el Bob Dylan... habrá que echarle un rato.
Gracias por compartir y por este tremendo trabajo.
Un saludo.