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Dia G 6.07.08 (5) - Peter Schneider And The Stimulators - Voodoo Swing (1998 GER)

Dia De La Galleta

Peter Schneider & The Stimulators - Voodoo Swing (1998)By Baxx

Baxx el amigo de kikas y ahora nuestro, nos envía este fantástico disco de una banda alemana que pocos conociamos. La voz del solista es acojonante y los músicos ahondan en la fusión del blues con ritmos calientes como el ska o el boogaloo. No lo hacen nada mal. Totalmente recomendable.

have here an Album incl Full-HQ-Scans exclusive for "lasgalletasdemaria" upped.

Own EAC-Rip 320 kbps, Peter Schneider And The Stimulators - Voodoo Swing (1998)

Why i this doing?

I love this Band and the Album is absolutely great!
Hope so, other People in the World hear, how good this Band is.

The Stimulators
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Peter Schneider (lead guitar, vocals)
Oliver Stephan (lead vocals, rhythm guitar)
Florian Sagner (trumpet, vocals, percussion)
Uli Lehmann (bass, vocals)
Hans Muehlegg (percussion, vocals)
Oscar Poehnl (drums, vocals)l

The Stimulators are a German band who do mostly their own material or completely remodel songs by other composers when they cover them. The six-piece band fuses Latin, Blues, Ska, Jazz, Reggae and Rock into a sound that is unique to the Stimulators. Most of it is highly danceable and groove-orientated music. Pop-song structures go right along with jazzy improvisations and a badass Rock and Roll attitude.

The band was founded in 1998 when guitarist and bandleader Peter Schneider returned from a one year stay in San Diego, California, where he had worked as guitarist for Ike Turner and carwash singer Ren Woods.

Right from the fist album, the band had a distinctive sound and that record (Voodoo Swing) got famous in high-end audio circles around the world. Between 1999 and 2007 the group has released 6 CDs and two DVDs. In 2003 and 2004 the band toured with James Brown in Europe, which got them wider recognition.

Peter Schneider, Lead Guitar, Bandleader Born in Munich, Germany, Peter moved to South America at age 18 to study music, living in Brasil and the USA before returnig to Munich at age 20. He played for Ike Turner, Marius Müller-Westernhagen, Pia Zadora, Engelbert, Willy Michl, Hans Söllner and many others. He led his own band in the early 90s and has released a number of solo albums.

Oliver Stephan, Lead Singer & Guitarist Born in Munich , Germany, Oliver grew up in Africa and later in England before returning to Germany after he finished university. He first got popular as a musician in the late 70s in a German band called The Nighthawks who fused ska and new wave and had two hits with "Belle Blue" and Desmond Dekker's "Shanty Town (007)". Oliver Stephan is a very innovative composer and poet.

Florian Sagner, Trumpet, Vocals,Percussion, Keyboard Born in the Bad Tölz area in Bavaria, Florian started on trumpet at a very young age, first playing traditional jazz in his father's band and later studying classical music at the famous Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria. Before joining the Stimulators, Florian led a couple of his own formations doing mainly Modern Jazz and Latin styles. In the last couple of years he has done a lot of session work for bands like Jamaram, Stranger Cole, King Banana and others, along with performing lounge music with his own project, Florian Sagner's Groove Deepartment. He has a track on Café Del Mar and a solo album on United Sounds Records and has performed lounge gigs as far afield as Morocco.

Oskar Pöhnl, Drums & Lead Vocals Oskar was born in Weiden, Bavaria close to the Czech border. He enjoys cult status in German Blues circles having played with the Al Jones Bluesband, Sonny Rhodes, Tommy Tucker, Champion Jack Dupree and Louisiana Red in places like the Montreux and North Sea Jazz Festivals as early as 1978.

Uli Lehmann, Bass Uli was born in the German wine-growing region Palatinate. He played in places like the Arabian Emirates and Hong Kong doing beertent music before moving to Munich and studying jazz bass. After that he played and recorded with Ali, Lisa Fitz, Ringsgwandl, Meilhammer & Schlenger, Steve Bigman Clayton and The Peter Schneider Band before joining the Stimulators.

Hans Mühlegg, Congas, Bongos, Timbales & Percussion Hans was born and raised near Murnau in Bavaria. It was there that he started to play percussion and formed a band with his school mates called "Fretless". As he became more serious about his art, he studied with César Granados at the Munich Latin percussion school and even stayed in Cuba and Africa for a while to deepen his knowledge about rhythm.

Marcio Tubino, Saxophone, Flute, Percussion Born in Porto Alegre, Brasil, Marcio came to Germany with the group "Raiz De Pedra", who had a deal with the Enja jazz label. He now lives in Munich and has played with people like Egberto Gismondi, Alegre Coreira and many others. He is not a full time member of The Stimulators, but since 2003 he has played on all of their albums and on a lot of their live shows. He is to the Stims kind of what Bobby Keys is to the Rolling Stones.


* Style, 2007 (CD/DVD)
* Spin, 2005 (CD)
* Live & Direct, 2004 (CD)
* Live, 2004 (MiniDVD)
* Pirate Music, 2003 (CD)
* Secret Mission, 2000 (CD)
* Voodoo Swing, 1998 (CD)



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