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James Brown - Gettin' Down To It (1969 US)

From AllMusic :
James Brown recorded the pet project Gettin' Down To It in Cincinnati, Ohio, at King Studios, between December 1968 and March 1969.
Although you can't tell by the album's title, it reflects Soul Brother Number One momentarily stepping back from the fiery racial and political atmosphere of the times.
Following the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr., the riots sparked by that event, and his calming effect on it, Mr. Dynamite replaced "Say It Loud (I'm Black and I'm Proud)" with his love of standards utilizing the melancholy phrasing of his favorite male vocalist, Frank Sinatra.
Aided by the acoustic piano trio led by Dee Felice, Brown tackles such romantic chestnuts as "Strangers in the Night", "That's Life", "It Had to Be You", "Willow Weep for Me", and "All the Way".
Although laid-back could be applied to the album's overall tone, these 12 tracks are by no means "mellow".
After all, this is James Brown! For instance, "(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons", clocking in at 7:40, combines pianist Frank Vincent's percussive vamping with James testifying as if he had this tune confused with "Ain't It Funky Now".
While the disc is made up of mainly standards, that doesn't stop Brown from including two of his compositions, "Cold Sweat" and an instrumental take of "There Was a Time", reworked to fit the album's easygoing mood with jazzy elements intact.
Even though there aren't any bonus tracks, this Verve reissue does include the original packaging and liner notes with Marc Eliot's insightful addendum tacked on.
A curious entry in the James Brown catalog, Gettin' Down To It is a savory listen.

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Dr. Bell Otus dijo...

Joseph Brown

Steve dijo...


I wrote this about your Grateful Dead 'Live At Fillmore West 2-11-69' & don't know if you saw my note:

steve dijo...

I have tried to download this 3 times with the same problem each time- no:

St. Stephen
The Eleven
We Bid You Goodnight

They are all missing from I guess Part 3. Would you please check on this?

Thank you very much for the great music!

19 de marzo de 2008 20:55

Could you please check to see if something is wrong with those links? Thank you! And thanks for the great JB too!

Dr. Bell Otus dijo...

Hello Steve,
I can't understand why you have problems with this archive.
I DL it again, and decompress it without any kind of problems ... I think the problem is on your side.

Don't forget, this archive have a password ...
Get the last WinRar versión, and try it again.

Sorry m8, but I can't help ... around 150 DL, and you're the only one, until today, with some problems.

Best regards and good luck Steve

PS : thanks by thank me this JB album

Steve dijo...

Dr. Bell Otus,

Thank you for answering my question- will try again!
Enjoying the James Brown-


Espantatuertos dijo...

Lo estoy escuchando ahora kikas, dios , molaa. Mañana te cuento.

voodoovec dijo...

no puedo descargar los archivos de fileducky socorroooooo... solo puedo oir la mitad de este gran disco

Dr. Bell Otus dijo...

No se que pasa con la mierda del fileducky, joer.
Ha subido todo bien, la gente ya ha descargado sin problemas, y ahora de un momento al otro, la página de fileducky da error, puta que paríu os servidores, solo rapidshare sigue siendo una maquina.

Pues voodoovec, creo que ni la mitad puedes escuchar ... sin tener las dos partes, no se puede descomprimir (quiza una o otra cancion).

Veamos se sigue asi dando error

pino dijo...

disco favoloso ma mi serve la password!!!

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Nuevo pass (refresco): katetoskopio/jamesbrown