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VV.AA. - To Cry You A Song. A Collection Of Tull Tales (1996 UK)

To Cry You a Song: A Collection of Tull Tales fue un disco de tributo a los Jethro Tull lanzado al mercado en 1996 e interpretado por diversos artistas.En todo momento se procuro que sonara los mas parecido al sonido Tull.

Cabe destacar la participación en el disco de Keith Emerson, además de los ex miembros de Jethro Tull Dave Pegg, Mick Abrahams, Glenn Cornick y Clive Bunker (estos tres últimos, componentes de la formación original).

Para los que lo quieren todo de Jethro Tull.

To Cry You A Song

A Tribute To Jethro Tull

To Cry You A Song Jethro Tull has been releasing high quality music for almost thirty years. In fact, Tull has been influential for so long that it is easy to forget what made them such a compelling act during the early stages of their career. The band had a profound effect on rock during the late 1960's and '70's due to their use of the flute as a lead instrument and the wild persona Ian Anderson portrayed on stage. During those years Tull was known as a hard rock band ("Aqualung" and "Locomotive Breath"). In the early 1970's they were thought of as a progressive rock band ( "Thick As A Brick" and "A Passion Play"). At the end of that decade "Songs From The Wood" and "Heavy Horses" were more folk-oriented. The 1980's saw Tull become more keyboard-oriented and hi-tech in its approach. More recently, "Crest Of A Knave" surprised everybody (especially Metallica) by winning a Grammy for best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Act. And in 1994 Ian Anderson showed incredible musical maturity with his classically-inspired, new age-influenced "Divinities". Tull also contributed a great deal to making the modern concert business what it is today. They were the first group to carry it's own PA system from city to city and make those costs part of the production expenses. They were the first group to carry multi-level staging on the road with them making them memorable for putting on an extravagant live show. Ian Anderson has a style and a vision which he has been able to parlay into a huge army of dedicated fans that has remained loyal for decades. But with all the image, marketing and promotional aspects of the Tull story, one factor should not be dismissed: the songs were great. "To Cry You A Song ...A Collection Of Tull Tales" is made up of some of Jethro Tull's best and most loved songs. The performers that have been gathered together for this album have all been a part of the Tull story as participants or avid fans.

Who Are the Performers?

A Tull Tale
Performed By Magellan

Stan Johnson Flute

Trent Gardner Keyboards

Roger Patterson Percussion

Performed By Magellan

Trent Gardner Vocals and Keyboards

Wayne Gardner Guitars and Bass

Roger Patterson Drums

Up The 'Pool Roy Harper Vocals and Guitar

Colm O'Sullivan Keyboard and Effects

Nothing Is Easy
John Wetton Vocals

Mick Abrahams Guitar

Clive Bunker Drums

Glenn Cornick Bass

Ian McDonald Flute

Phil Manzanera Guitars

Robert Berry Keyboards

Mother Goose
Lief Sorbye Vocals, Mandolin, Flutes and Octave Mandola

Mike Varney Lead Guitar

Robert Berry Keyboards, Guitar, Bass and Drums

Minstrel In The Gallery Robert Berry Instrumentation and Vocals

Lief Sorbye Bodhran

One Brown Mouse Performed By Echolyn

Brett Kull Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Whistling and Backing Vocals

Ray Weston Bass, Jaymar Piano, Lead and Backing Vocals

Paul Ramsey Drums

Cat's Squirrel
Charlie Musselwhite Harmonica

Derek Trucks Slide Guitar

Mick Abrahams Guitar

Clive Bunker Drums

Mike Summerland Bass

Robert Berry Keyboards

To Cry You A Song
Glenn Hughes Lead Vocals

Mick Abrahams Guitar

Clive Bunker Drums

Glenn Cornick Bass

Derek Sherinian Keyboards

Robert Berry Keyboards

New Day Yesterday
Robby Steinhardt Vocals and Violin

Mick Abrahams Guitar

Clive Bunker Drums

Glenn Cornick Bass

Ian McDonald Flute

Phil Manzanera Guitars

Robert Berry Guitar

Mike Wible Keyboards

Performed By Wolfstone

Ivan Drever Acoustic Guitar

Stuart Eaglesham Vocals

Duncan Chisholm Fiddle

Mick Abrahams Guitar

Clive Bunker Drums

Glenn Cornick Bass

Derek Sherinian Keyboards

Living In The Past
Keith Emerson Keyboards

Mick Abrahams Guitar

Clive Bunker Drums

Glenn Cornick Bass

Locomotive Breath
Performed By Tempest with Special Guest Robert Berry

Lief Sorbye Vocals and Flute

Rob Wullenjohn Guitar

Adolfo Lazo Drums

Jay Nania Bass

Michael Mullen Violin

Robert Berry Keyboards

Life's A Long Song
Dave Pegg Vocals, Guitars and Mandolin

Matt Pegg Bass

Rob Armstrong Picassophone, Drum Machine and Wooden Drum

(A 320 y covers)


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