lunes, 18 de febrero de 2008

Three Man Army - Two (1974 UK)

El amigo Julio nos envia a casa la segunda entrega de esta extraordinaria banda, aqui el puesto de bateria esta ocupado por Tony Newman, miembro entre otras bandas de May Blitz.

From Allmusic

Three Man Army's third and final album was, most confusingly, titled Three Man Army Two. The unintentionally clumsy name was in a way appropriate, however, for it was more of the same, whether it was the second or third Three Man Army you happened to come across, indeed falling somewhere between the second and third divisions of early-'70s British hard rock. Bland if energetic hard rock remained the main staple, "Polecat Woman" being one of the more blatant Led Zeppelin sound-alike tracks of the era. There were some mild detours in the orchestrated "I Can't Make the Blind See" (from an unreleased rock opera titled Three Days to Go), which sounds like a prototypical power ballad; the machine gun-riffing instrumental "Irving"; and "Today," which oh-so-vaguely echoed some of the ballads of the Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac in places. No one's going to confuse the slide-guitar-and-orchestration-heralded ode to the outer space woman of "Space Is the Place" with Sun Ra, however.

by Richie Unterberger

Three Man Army - Three Man Army Two (UK Hard rock 1974) By Julio

Track List

1 Polecat Woman 3:50

2 Today 6:17

3 Flying 3:06

4 Space is the Place 6:18

5 Irving 4:18

6 I Can't Make the Blind See 4:03

7 Burning Angel 3:31

8 In My Eyes 5:07


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Ana MARIA dijo...

Thanks ! Julio.

ceniceros dijo...

Leyendo "Led Zeppelin, Peter Green", no va a quedar más remedio que escuchar este disco. ¡Vamos, vamos!

Espantatuertos dijo...

Que buen disco julio, muchas gracias.

Ana MARIA dijo...

Pues ya envio el siguiente el bueno de J.

bluesbro dijo...

Thanks very much Julio

katetoscopio dijo...

Nuevo pass (refresco): katetoskopio/threemanarmy