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Flaming Youth - Ark 2 (1969 UK)

Flaming Youth - Ark 2 (1969)

Oscura banda de rock britanica que sacó este unico album en 1969.
A la bateria estaba un jovencisimo Phil Collins recien cumplidos los 18 años.


"Released in October, the album featured the theme of an evacution from a dying Earth. The main single from the album was "From Now On". The album and its space theme were influenced by the media's attention to the moon landing.

The album received some critical praise in the music press.Melody Maker listed the album as "Pop Album of the Month", calling it "adult music beautifully played with nice tight harmonies". Disc and Music Echo said "there is some splendid music on this very good first album".

Despite this, the album and single were not commercially successful. Ark 2 was the only album released by Flaming Youth.

Although the album today remains difficult to obtain, it has been reprinted in various markets mainly for the novelty of Phil Collins first major label recording. Collins was the group's drummer, and Ark 2 was Collins' last recording before auditioning for Genesis the following year"

Flaming Youth Back

Flaming Youth USA Inside

Flaming Youth Transluscent Panel


Brian Chatton - Keyboard
Ronnie Caryl - Guitar
Gordon Smith - Guitar & Bass
Phil Collins - Drums


1. Guide Me Orion
2. Earthglow
3. Weightless
4. The Planets (Mars - Bringer of War, Venus - Bringer of Peace, Mercury - The Winged Messenger, Jupiter -- Bringer of Jollity, Saturn -- Bringer of Old Age, Uranus -- The Magician, Neptune -- The Mystic)
5. Changes
6. Pulsar
7. Space Child
8. In the Light of Love
9. From Now On (Immortal Invisible)

( 320 Kb, covers included )
** Imprescindible **

Thanks Hoschen to write.

Disculpen las molestias.



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Ana MARIA dijo...

Yo no me lo perderia por nada del mundo.

(Falta por editar el enlace asi que no lo busqueis)


Ana MARIA dijo...

Bello, edite el texto.
El error fue cuando por las prisas traduci "single album" como "unico single", cosas de la lengua.

Lo pongo a subir ahora para mañana si todo va bien, lo tienes.

ssggaaee dijo...

Para cuando este enlace hermosa A.M.?

ssggaaee dijo...

Nada, cvuando puedas, no hay prisa...Gracias por anticipado...y lo dicho: sin prisas

Ana MARIA dijo...

Tuve que poner enlace mulero, pues los hostings se confabularon contra una servidora.

Pass: lasgalletasdemaria

Hoschen dijo...


I've downloaded the "Flaming Youth - Ark 2" archive. But although 9 songs should be in it, there are only 7 songs. What happened with the missing ones? Please excuse my bad english.
I'm thankfully for an answer.

Dr. Bell Otus dijo...

Maybe the firsts 3 songs of the vinyl side B, are on this rip, only one song...I don't know because I never saw this record on vinyl format.

Best regards

Ana MARIA dijo...


The problem is in last track
"Changes ¦ Pulsar ¦ Space Child by Flaming Youth 1969 Fontana STL5533DeccaMk1" I don't now how are here three tracks in one.
Tomorrow i give you a link with good tracks from rapidshare.

The elink is modified now for me and it's ok now.
If you are downloaded it before this modification please download this rapidshare link.

My english is very bad too but my german is non-existent.

Sorry chato.


I'm the man dijo...

I still have this vinyl and it's a great album...great blog this one.
Cheers from Nebraska

Miguel Campoviejo dijo...

i'm the man, Bienvenido y Cheers desde Estavasca.

Espantatuertos dijo...

muchas gracias por este disco.

Anónimo dijo...

Eis aqui um novo Link completo para todos. Entende???




Anónimo dijo...

Quase me esqueci do Password para descompactar o arquivo.
Mais ai vai:


Hoschen dijo...

Hi and thank you very much!
Now I got the new archive with the corrected songs from "Ark 2". It's a really great and fantastic album. I owned the vinyl-LP in the late 60's, but it got lost proceeding the years.
Therefore I say it again: big thanks from Germany!

JAlberto dijo...

Excelente disco, un abrazo desde Chile.

Santiago Moreno dijo...

Me he descargado el archivo pero contiene sólo 3 tracks. ¿Dónde me puedo descargar el correcto?
Gracias por el blog.

katetoscopio dijo...

Para el refresco, mantenemos el pass original:

Pass: lasgalletasdemaria