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Día del Refresco

"She Was Real" (Jon English)

It was cold and it was dark
When I stopped my Harley
And I looked down at my road map
I thought I had gone too far
It was one of those Autumn nights
Pitch black, with a mist in the air
When you can't see anything close up
But you know there's someone there …

So I pulled out my flashlight
And shone it in the night
I heard a voice calling softly
And I caught her in the light
She was all dressed in jeans and leathers
She looked lost and afraid
And she whispered, "can you help me
I must have lost my way?"

She was real, my heart did a somersault
She was real, she came near
I said, "Hey, you gave me quite a turn
Just what the hell are you doing out here?"
She was real, she said, "I don't remember"
She was real, she looked at me
So I said, "Where do you want to go?"
She said, "I live by the sea"
She was real, I swear she was real...

Well I ain't no Greek statue
But she was something to be seen
She had this long dark hair, eyes like a cat
She was no more than nineteen
And you see I didn't think it right to ask
Just why she was all alone, I just took it to be
Boyfriend trouble, so I said, "I'll take you home"

She was real, she gave me her address
Or else I wouldn't be here
She was re she climbed up on the back of my bike
And she showed no fear
She was real, soft she put her arms around me
She was real, she held on tight
And she was real as we shouted our conversation
As we thundered through the night, faster
She was real, I swear she was real...

It was raining, and the mist was coming in
She looked at me, she said, "Hey, I want to get home fast"
I told her I'd do my best
And when I asked her out next SATURDAY
God help me, she said yes
And the wind was snatching our voices away
But I felt good inside
There was me and Suzy riding out there
Just busting with pride, feeling good
And she was real when I took the roundabout
Just as real as the wind in my hair
She was real when I turned to look at her
My God, she wasn't there

She was real, she told me her name
I went shouting out the same
I went stumbling through the undergrowth
Screaming like a man in pain
My God she must have fallen off
But I swear I didn't feel her fall
I went looking, searching, looking
And then I gave the cops a call

The cops came, found nothing
It was sunrise when they got there
Nine am when the searching broke
I guess it must have been the look on my face
That told them it weren't no joke
So I gave them Suzy's address
And they took me round there in the car
I just wanted to go with them
I couldn't face my Harley

And Suzy's mother answered
She had Suzy's hair and Suzy's eyes
And when I told her what had happened
She just broke down and she cried
And she told me I was cruel and heartless
To tease an old lady so, and she told me
Suzy died on that roundabout twelve years ago...

She was real, there's a photo on the fireplace
Dated 1965, but she was real
She was on the back of my bike
She was soft, she was alive
I swear she was real, I ain't going crazy
I touched her and she touched me
So I guess I'll get on back to that roundabout
She's waiting there for me, she's waiting
She's real, I swear she's real, she was real, she was real
I ain't crazy, she was real, she was real, I ain't crazy!

Pues... ¡¡¡terminamos con Zappa!!! (aunque falta uno transpapelado). Enlaces ya

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