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Roy Harper - Stormcock (1971 UK)

" Stormcock "

(EMI) HARVEST - 1971
THIS CD - 1994

A1 Hors d'Oeuvres 8:37
A2 The Same Old Rock 12:24
B1 One Man Rock and Roll Band 7:23
B2 Me and My Woman 13:01

Quinto albun de Harper

Roy Harper : Guitar & Vocald
S.Flavius Mercurius : Guitar ( On Second Track)

S.Flavius Mercurius no es otro que Jimmy Page, aqui, de incognito popr motivos contractuales

Extraido de Wikipedia

Stormcock is a 1971 Album by English Folk/rock Singer-songwriter Roy Harper, commonly acknowledged to be his "best record".l

The album's title, Stormcock, is an old English name for the MIstle Thrush. The male of this species "...sings its loud melodious song from a tree, rooftop or other elevated perch, often during bad weather or at night", perhaps a perfect metaphor for Harper himself. Harper has an appreciation of birdlife and has made reference to many birds on his albums.

The album features four extended songs which showcase Harper's talents, both as songwriter and guitarist. But, perhaps most significantly, "..Stormcock...epitomized a hybrid genre that had no exclusive purveyors save Harper — epic progressive acoustic."

"S.Flavius Mercurius" is credited with lead guitar on "The Same Old Rock". The guitarist, better known as Jimmy Page, was unnamed within the album credits for contractual reasons until the release of the digitally remastered album in 2007. The re-release was packaged in a 20 page case bound booklet with new pictures, prose and poetry.

Johnny Marr, guitarist with The Smiths, is on record stating that "Stormcock" was "intense and beautiful and clever"

Stormcock was an inspiration to Californian harpist Joanna Newsom, greatly influencing her second album


· Roy Harper : Guitar & Vocals
· S.Flavius Mercurius : Guitar
· David Bedford : Hammond Organ & Orchestral Arrangements
· Peter Jenner : Producer
· John Barrett : Sound engineer
· Peterr Bown : sound engineer
· John Leckie : sound engineer
· Phil McDonald : sound engineer
· Alan Parsons : sound engineer
· Nick Webb – sound engineer
· Richard Imrie – phptography


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Miguel Campoviejo dijo...

buenos músicos en este disco, entre ellos, David Bedford, como ya debeis saber a estas alturas, maestro de Mike Oldfield, con muchas colaboraciones mutuas.

katetoscopio dijo...

Nuevo pass (refresco): 1pocodmusica/stormcock