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Dia G 13.12.09 (6) - Commodores - Machine Gun (1974 US)

By Vikingo

(1974 USA Soul Funk)
Rip de vinilo @ 320 (si interesa disponible en wav) + fotos portadas y sellos, por este humilde compartidor que se llama vikingo.

Y por qué no un poco de soul y funk en este alegre domingo. Este disco se lo dedico a Milestone porque sé que le gusta el Soul y a Psicodelia porque sé que le gusta el Funk, y a todos vosotros buenos oyentes de músicas. 
Los Commodores se iniciaron allá por 1968 en Detroit, pero no fue hasta 1974 cuando grabaron éste su primer álbum fichados por la Tamla Motown.

La banda: 

* Lionel Richie: Piano, Saxo y Voz.
* William King: Trompeta.
* Thomas Mc Clary: Guitarra.
* Milan Williams: Teclados.
* Ronald La Pread: Bajo.
* Walter Orange: Batería.

Pero mejor que hable wikipedia:
Machine Gun is the first album from Commodores, released on July 22, 1974 on the Motown label. This was also the last album recorded and produced at Motowns' Hitsville USA, being recorded in 1972, then released in 1974. Although pop audiences were not exactly responsive to this issue, R&B audiences met this album with open arms.[citation needed] Unlike other Commodores albums, Machine Gun features only funk music and is devoid of slow-paced ballads. The lead song features Milan Williams on clavinet, which led Motown executive Berry Gordy to name the song "Machine Gun" as the clavinet work reminded him of gunfire.[citation needed] This track peaked at #7 on the R&B charts, while reaching #22 on the overall pop charts.
 The second single to be released, "I Feel Sanctified," reached #12 on the R&B charts, and concerns a man spiritually blessed by his girl's love. The song features Ronald LaPread on bass, while Lionel Richie and William King's contributed horn arrangements. The tune also features an acapella introduction with three-way harmonization. The song "The Bump" became a radio and dancehall staple, with Richie and Walter Orange on vocals calling to female listeners to " the bump, do the bump, baby!" "The Assembly Line" and "The Zoo (The Human Zoo)" are both socially charged songs concerning the challenges faced by those who try to make a difference in society. "The Zoo" features an introduction with Williams playing a melody resembling circus music. The remaining songs are also funk tunes. On "Superman," Richie sings from the point of view of the superhero himself.

1. "Machine Gun" (Milan Williams) 
2. "Young Girls Are My Weakness" (William King/Ronald LaPread)
3. "I Feel Sanctified" (Commodores/Jeffrey Bowen/B.Miller)

4. "The Bump" (Milan Williams)
5. "Rapid Fire" (Milan Williams) 
6. "Assembly Line" (Gloria Jones/Pam Sawyer)
7. "The Zoo (The Human Zoo)" (Gloria Jones/Pam Sawyer)
8. "Gonna Blow Your Mind" (Thomas McClary/Walter Orange/Milan Williams)
9. "There's A Song In My Heart" (Lionel Richie)
10. "Superman" (Lionel Richie)



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