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The Aranbee Pop Symphony Orchestra - Todays Pop Symphony (1966 UK)

From AllMusic :
The Aranbee Pop Symphony Orchestra was created in the early days of Immediate Records, Andrew Loog Oldham's upstart 1960s independent label.
Faced with a need for publicity and not yet having any artists capable of generating a media splash on their own, Oldham decided to use what he did have: easy access to the Rolling Stones' songbag, through his management of the group, and a favor or two that he could call in from the quintet.
The Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra, which had previously cut some modestly successful instrumental versions of pop hits, was rechristened the Aranbee Pop Symphony Orchestra and Keith Richards was announced as directing the orchestra.
In fact, Richards' participation probably went no further than being present at the press event announcing the project.
If there were any specific pop/rock personalities or projects that influenced the new project, they were likely Joshua Rifkin and his Baroque Beatles Book album and, possibly, the Jan & Dean Pop Symphony No. 1 album.

The idea was to generate publicity for the new label, which the record did, and maybe some sales and income, which it didn't.
The Aranbee Pop Symphony Orchestra went out of existence as soon as its one and only album was released, the latter sank with barely a trace and was a 500 dollar collector's item by the late '80s.
It began showing up on CD in the early '90s as a piece of Rolling Stones-related ersatz.

Pués eso.
Solo para curiosos ... en este disco poderemos ver/oír como Keith Richards, puede "dirigir" (mas o menos, jeje), una obra/disco de musica clasica.
Temas de "sus" Stones, otros temas de sus "rivales" Beatles, y hasta un tema de Bono (del duo Sonny & Chér, claro), es lo que se puede oír, entre otros temas, en este disco.
.Un disco diferente, de un de los mas irreverentes musicos de la escena Rock, pero a la vez, considerado un Monstruo del Rock.
A disfrutar people
01 There's A Place
02 Rag Doll
03 I Got You Babe
04 We Can Work It Out
05 Play With Fire
06 Mother's Little Helper
07 In The Midnight Hour
08 Take It Or Leave It
09 Sittin' On A Fence
10 I Don't Want To Go On Without You
mp3 (256 Kbps)


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Dr Bell Otus

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Que cachondo, ¡El Keith Richard "dirigiendo"! Eso si que es un vacile de mucho cuidao. Pues nada, Kikas, habrá que bajarlo para creerlo. ¿No utilizaría batuta, no? solo con el cigarrillo y moviendo la cabeza de un lado a otro y sonriendo, en su mundo particular (Get off my cloud). Gracias, Doc. Saludossssssssss

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The link took some finding,But I got it in the end
Thank you!

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