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Dia G 12.10.08 (2) - The Marshall Brothers Band - The Marshall Brothers Band (1975 AUS)

The Marshall Brothers Band

Este albun se mantuvo 8 semanas en los Charts y después de este disco escribieron la banda sonora de la película "Summer City" en 1978

Personnel: Chris Browne - Vocals
John 'Funky' Halls - Drums
David Hinds - Guitar
Karl Hofman - Guitar
John Rairty - Drums
Robert Scott - Keyboards, Vocals
Kevin Wyatt - Bass, Vocals

Marshall Brothers Band (M7 MLP 087) 1975
CD reissue: Radioactive RRCD115, 2005

Come Out With Your Hands Up/ (M7 MS 094) 1975

From Newcastle (Australia), this classic rock combo was formed in 1975. They were clearly influenced by the likes of Rick Wakeman and GenesisTheir album sold quite well, spending eight weeks in the charts.

Later, they wrote the soundtrack for the movie, 'Summer City', in 1978


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