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Viva la Bizarre. Frank Zappa (Rock and Roll comics)

En 1989 Todd Loren lanzo al mercado una editorial llamada Revolutionary Comics ("Unauthorized And Proud Of It") en donde publico la serie Rock N Roll Comics, con el fin de mostrar biografías de estrellas de rock, como Zappa o Kiss. Viva la Bizarre es el titulo del cómic sobre la vida de Francesco Zappa.

(automatically traslated)
In 1989 Todd Loren spears market an editorial called Revolutionary Comics ( "Unauthorized And Proud Of It"), which publishes the series Rock N Roll Comics, in order to display biographies of rock stars, or as Zappa Kiss. Viva la Bizarre is the title of the comic book on the life of Francesco Zappa.

The big book of the 70's

Se trata de un amplio y educativo viaje de regreso a los más tumultuosos momentos de este decenio de la historia moderna.
Una montaña rusa a través de un momento de cambio y de la extrema diversidad, esta obra muestra no sólo las modas y fenómenos de los años setenta, sino también la forma en que han afectado a la sociedad actual.

Bell-bottoms. Watergate. Bra burning. The Bradys. One decade is known for them all and now that most multifaceted decade of the 20th century is brought to fascinating life in THE BIG BOOK OF THE '70S. Written by BIG BOOK veteran Jonathan Vankin and drawn by Craig Thompson, Rick Geary, Sam Henderson, Colleen Doran, Jason Little, and many other talented artists from all over the realms of comics and illustration, this is the latest entry in the award-winning series of anthology volumes of wild-but-true tales from PARADOX PRESS. Readers will find THE BIG BOOK OF THE '70S bursting with information about the "Me" Decade - a fascinating era currently experiencing a mini- Renaissance. Among the highlights: o Fads and phenomena like streaking, roller boogie, disco, pet rocks, smiley faces, and mood rings. o Historical milestones such as the end of the Vietnam War, the Energy Crisis, America's Bicentennial, the New York City Blackout, and the takeover of the U.S. embassy in Iran. o Notorious events such as the Son of Sam killings, the Hillside Stranglers, the assassination attempts on Gerald Ford, and the rise of international terrorism. o People like Chuck Barris, Evel Knievel, Farrah Fawcett, Henry Kissinger, and Howard Cosell. o Pop culture phenomena like punk rock, kung fu, Star Wars, Sesame Street, and, of course, the Fonz. This BIG BOOK makes the perfect addition to the back-in-fashion polyesters, platform shoes, and psychedelic style that's taken movie houses, Broadway theaters, TV screens, and Main Street by storm. So just grab a copy and mellow out, okay? This project is supported with house ads. THE BIG BOOK OF THE '70S is a 192-page black-and-white PARADOX PRESS paperback in the Big Book Format and is suggested for mature readers.


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Grandes enlaces Ana! Lo he descargado y me parece estupendo. Ya sabes que yo estoy enamorado de esa década desde mi más tierna infancia (3 décadas antes, ja!). Gracias