sábado, 14 de septiembre de 2019

Día del Refresco

"Almanac(Volcano Choir)

On the Rio 
Rode the sparrow 
Drank the marrow
Spade the clerics

I spent all day SATURDAY toasted
Roasting in your room

Fall fine 
Skin tight 
Unhinged and sizzle 
Call bads
To the all night 
It's our branch is delicious

You have to rise up
Slow down baby in the car
Goin for a whole one 
Slow, left here eyes up
Slowly baby you'll come in 
You're goin for the whole run
You can't live with it 
Where you wreck it and run
Do what you can

All night
It's on right 
So fresh that it sizzles
Ball cap
All night
So dear it's a little

Small lap
So nice
Body's cracked as it wasn't enough

It's the sun have to rise it
Slow down baby in the car
Goin for the homerun
Slow down deep rise up
When my sooner baby you come in
So it for the soft ground

Shed skin, for kin
I'll be alive when all this is over
When all of us are sober
Shed skin, with kin
I could lead you over
I'll see you in the clover darling
I'll be here, dancin on the footsteps
Out here in the beach house, out here in the cold air
Shed skin, like a master
How have past and, comin down

Bueno, pues vámonos a noviembre.

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