sábado, 14 de mayo de 2016

Día del Refresco

Now, if I was an actor or a dancer that was glamorous
Then, you know, an amorous life would soon be mine
But now the tinsel light of star break
Is all that's left to applaud my heart break
And eleven o'clock I watch the network news

Oh, oh, oh, something tells me that you're really gone
You said we could be friends, but that's not what's not what I want
And, anyway, my TV-dinner's almost done
It's a lonely SATURDAY night
I mean to tell you, it's a lonely SATURDAY night
One more word, it's a lonely SATURDAY night

Terminamos DICIEMBRE-08. Algún disco atrasado que quedaba por ahí (gracias otra vez, Vasilis) y por fin finiquitado el año (que se ha hecho muy largo)

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