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Jon Lord - Gemini Suite (1971 UK)

JON LORD (1941 - 2012)

Jon Douglas Lord (Leicester, 9 de Junio de 1941 - Londres, 16 de Julio de 2012), fue un músico británico. Tocaba el órgano Hammond y el piano y es considerado uno de los mejores de la historia en su campo. Comenzó practicando este último instrumento a la edad de 9 años, cuando su padre decidió que el pequeño Jon debería ser un pianista clásico. Aunque figuró en varias bandas, The Bill Ashton Combo, The Art Wood Combo, The Artwoods, Roundabout, que mas tarde se llamó Deep Purple, y de ahi es de donde mas conocemos su obra, aunque tiene mas historia musical.... por ejemplo... Paralelamente a su trabajo en Deep Purple, de 1968 al 1976, Lord siguió trabajando en sus proyectos solistas. El primero de ellos fue un encargo de la BBC como resultado del éxito que había generado el Concert for Group and Orchestra. Dicho trabajo se llamó Gemini Suite y fue grabado en vivo, en el Royalt Albert Hall de Londres con Deep Purple y la Light Music Society Orchestra, dirigida por Malcom Arnold, quien también había sido el director de orquesta del Concerto. Cabe destacar que este material sería posteriormente relanzado en 1971, que es el que comparto con vosotros, como obra solista de Lord, no en colaboración con el resto de Deep Purple, sino con sólo dos de sus miembros, Ian Paice y Roger Glover, habiendo cambios en los arreglos musicales, siendo grabado en estudio y participando además otros músicos, Albert Lee, Tony Ashton, Yvonne Elliman. En agosto de 2011, hizo público que estaba luchando contra un cáncer y en su sitio web afirmó: "Me gustaría que todos mis amigos, seguidores, fans y compañeros de viaje supieran que estoy luchando contra un cáncer y que, en consecuencia, me tomaré un descanso de las actuaciones mientras dure el tratamiento y la cura. Seguiré escribiendo música, en mi mundo, simplemente ha de ser parte de la terapia, y espero de todo corazón estar de vuelta en buena forma el próximo año". En julio de 2012 retoma su actividad musical. Falleció el 16 de julio de 2012 por una embolia pulmonar, después de luchar contra el cáncer en un hospital en Londres.

El disco...
Este álbum de debut en solitario del teclista de Deep Purple, Jon Lord, fué una gran sorpresa para los fanáticos de la música rock, porque Jon ofreció algo totalmente diferente de su compromiso con la música Deep Purple. Mira el estilo de música que era totalmente diferente con la mayoría de las versiones de Deep Purple - a excepción de "Concerto for Group and Orchestra". Como todos sabemos, los músicos necesitan algunas pausas en lo que hacen habitualmente, y tienen otro tipo de música, ó otro estilo, que por lo general toma forma de "proyecto". 

En el caso de Jon Lord hizo muchos experimentos con música clásica. Como habrás adivinado por el título del disco, es muy obvio que este álbum es una exploración de cada solista (guitarra, piano, batería, voz, bajo, y órgano). Depende de que tal te guste la música de orquesta, pero para mí, personalmente, es un disco agradable. Me gustan todas las pistas. Aunque quizás me quedo con "Piano", donde el bajo y la guitarra juegan un papel importante. También resaltar la primera, "Guitar". Como digo mas atrás, en general, este es un buen disco, que indica la capacidad y el buen nivel de Jon para crear música.



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Dr. Bell Otus dijo...

Thanks Miguel :'(

adamus67 dijo...

With great sadness I read this news yesterday, late afternoon of Jon’s passing... This is so sad!
Jon has touched us all over the years with his great talent and wonderful song writing... wonderfully eclectic Composer...he was the best keyboard player.
This is a huge loss, thank you Jon, for the music you’ll be missed by Rock fans all over the world.
My prayers are with Jon’s family and that Jon is in a better place free of any pain.
Rest in peace Jon….God bless.

Well... I hesitated a long time,but rather getting used to the idea that in general take to be such a hot topic (RIPJON)
This album, I have in my collection from time immemorial,
I apologize in advance and that a transcribe!
I load the disc into my CD player,the music comes out of the speaker,and I tap on the keyboard and pour thoughts ...

It should delve into the secrets of this album, get to know who else has so far not had the opportunity to remember who in the excitement of professional duties has forgotten that once,36 years ago,a rockers Jon has created such a work. So it was with me and it is a partial explanation of why the "Sarabande" my of memories from the past. I simply went to the shelves, I noticed a long time not since listening to records and fell charmed its timeless power.

Jon Lord "Sarabande"(1976'Purple Records)

01.Fantasia (3:30)
02.Sarabande (7:20)
03.Aria (3:42)
04.Gigue (11:06)
05.Bouree (11:00)
06.Pavane (7:35)
07.Caprice (3:12)
08.Finale (2:03)

Hungarica Philharmonic Orchestra, Conductor Eberhard Schoener
Jon Lord (Hammond organ / Piano / Klawinet / Synths)
Paul Karass (Guitar)
Andy Summers (Guitar)
Mark Nauseef (Drums)
Peter York (Drums / Gong / Ringtones)

At the very beginning I decided to play with the provocateur, colloquially speaking, "put a stick in an anthill." First, the musician this album, is a walking legend, who? not to know about Jon Lord Jon Lord in Deep Purple in the composition. Many fans also know that the activities of a solo artist, far removed stylistically from the production Hard Rock band. Because Jon Lord since the late 60s showed a tendency towards the direction of "marry" classical music with rock. Expression of these trends was the 1969 album "Concerto For Group And Orchestra" when Lord was able to push through a proposal to burn with a symphony orchestra and rock band "full of blood." Resistance colleagues from Deep Purple was strong, but eventually agreed to, probably a little bit in the name of friendship. This was the first and last time.

Other releases Purple keyboard player appeared in the 70's, registered copyrights and ideas are implemented with orchestras and classically trained musicians. Besides Lord has made no secret of his fascination with the works of composers of classical music...--->>>

adamus67 dijo...

The result of research and interest is also the "Sarabande", an album quite far from the canons of rock. Some might call the 'curve of a face "like after eating a lemon, others indifferent shrug of the shoulders, and even in other flames of curiosity in his eyes. I sympathize strongly with the latter of these factions, and he returns repeatedly to this beautifully composed of matter, which does not lack a typical rock instrumentation, which emphasizes its dominant position in the game virtuoso Jon Lord, and in which also found a lot of space for symphony orchestra passages. To have some finish off or completely , I will add that the "Sarabande" is practically a suite, which lasted over 50 minutes, which are components of Baroque dances. At the same time it should be added that the present publication is without doubt the most successful attempt to lord relationship of the two environments, interacting as fire and water, namely the spectrum of sound with classical orchestras smykami, dęciakami and percussion instruments in a confrontation with the forces of rock composition fairly modest (please note the name of the guitarist, Andy Summers is none other than iron as a member of the trio of Police). For me the outcome of this struggle and compromise instrumental is gorgeous, rhythmically balanced, with beautiful melodic passages, with masterful arrangement and educational values. Without the Lord artistic venture would probably never have known that the titles are the names of the Baroque suite of dances! The Baroque era is the work combines the rhythmic motility.

adamus67 dijo...

The album begins with a great overture "Fantasia", the powerful orchestral strike wave in the first minute to rest, to bassoon, flute and the switch was taken divinely beautiful theme. Such a state record for the second receptor minutes, after this period, speaks of the first rock instrument, the drums, which can more easily crushing beats "outshout" accumulation of symphonic sound. However, this input drums, rock band signal innocent life in the bay only by the sounds kreowanych symphonists. Although difficult to find in this passage purely rock tones, "Fantasia" conquers the heart of the listener pathetic image, epickością structure.
"Sarabande" is a continuation of outstandingly characteristic orchestral album, but unlike the melodic introduction, a brilliant, spirited, moving, disrupt heart rhythms alternately subtle lead guitar, orchestra and himself the master of ceremonies. The title composition goes to the heart of genius, thrilling variety, magnificence paralyzing mood. After 3:35 of staves consists of an electric guitar sounds, symmetrical rhythm, further proof that rock instrument can effortlessly adapt to the rhythmic principles designed mainly for multiplayer extensive orchestra. String knocks finale song of sadness and nostalgia of late-autumn, which can also be charming, without reference to a shapeless gray.
"Aria" is a musical fairy tale, a perfect harmony, nostalgia, superdelikatny piano, another perfect topic melodic break the recipient literally "on the shoulder." So little time to music, but the volcano of passion, magic, subtlety, caressing voice. "Gigue", orchestral, piano introduction, the raging orchestra, and then the eruption of emotions and experiences with all elements of this work in 11 - minute nutshell. Entry "sharp" guitar before 2 minutes is a clear signal of their presence, which confirms spectacularly from 2:20 superb solo part. Impressive are working assiduously percussion section, and the master artwork decorates the great parties hammond organ and synthesizers. Integral light and airy performances accompanied by expressive melodic thread, run by several instruments, and symphonic rock. In the second part of the drum duel worthy champions.
"Bouree" is a range of sounds, which the mind can not comprehend. Changing roles, admission without the orchestra, on the front only rock 'shareholders' (percussion), the growing tension, another rousing melody, growing slowly from the piano section. And then, a plethora of solos of breathtaking. Somewhere around 8 minutes with the seconds in an exotic, thrilling journey on the wings of the symphony take listeners switch was and woodwind instruments.
"Pavane", a diamond glittering reflections of sound, therapeutic, largely acoustic (guitar and piano), an oasis of emotional restraint, relax and enjoy the subtleties of sound. If someone would have doubts and questions, whether in the hands of a virtuoso piano can capture the soul of the listener, you should get caught up this party. What am I, poor worm, I can write about meaningful beauty of this act, this can not be "dressed" in the verbal measures.
"Caprice," in contrast to other participants in the show is a cheerful, lively, spirited vitality, energy. The final "final" shows us a replay of a specific component contained in the previous compositions, a sort of clamp fixture seven music themes.

adamus67 dijo...

What else can we say wise after such an artistic masterpiece, containing many shades of artistry, from the progressive and symphonic rock to pure symphonic muse. Only a madman would challenge the value of the album "Sarabande" multidimensional, uneasy in perception, but in this aspect is not demonizowałbym because Jon Lord has created a work of universal, worked out a compromise between the tastes of lovers of the classic sound, respectful of the traditions of the Baroque period, and the progression of rock fans. At first "glance" it seems absolutely impossible, but the fact is finite, made the work of the artist's name firmowanym respected throughout the world, Jon Lord.

Thanks Miguel, for the sharing and the fond memories associated with this album.
Best regards!

Btw: Hey DBO , I missed you, always it was nice speak to you on Phrock or privately, all the best for you and your loved ones.
big hugs!

Anónimo dijo...

El Lord del Hammond, DEP.
Muchas gracias. ¿Tiene alguien por ahí el LP de Sarabande?