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The Pretty Things - Balboa Island (2007 UK rock)

Y aquí llegan The Pretty Things tras 43 años de carrera (en 2007) para publicar su undécimo disco de estudio tras 8 años de silencio, con Phil May y Dick Taylor a la cabeza. Y aunque la voz de May no es la que era, el resultado es ciertamente notable. Llegan con 12 canciones nuevas y un cover de.. ¡Dylan! (Ballad of Hollis Brown), que se definen en una sola palabra: rock. Aunque las hay más acústicas (Feel like going home), más blueseras (Feel like goin' home), más rockeras (All light up) o incluso cercanas al McCartney de Abbey Road (Dearly Beloved).

Os dejo aquí un enlace de una entrevista con Phil May realizada tras publicar este trabajo.

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adamus67 dijo...

Hi Miguel,
I already have it from good friend, but anyway I want to thank you for sharing this... album
Many thanks ... much appreciate!

The Pretty Things - the band founded in 1964 in London. Group - due to the variety of work - considered to be representative of many species, to name at least - Rhythm & blues, psychedelic rock, garage rock, beat, hard rock.
The Pretty Things, music was an inspiration for such representatives of the British invasion and The Rolling Stones, David Bowie.
Debut single formation of 64-65 years were enthusiastically received by audiences and critics. Outside of the UK, group enjoyed a reputation in Australia, New Zealand, Germany. Despite the lack of success on a larger scale in the United States, The Pretty Things influenced the number of garage bands formed at the time, just across the Atlantic, such as The Seeds.
The first recordings were band compositions strictly hard-blues, the theme of the lyrics, in turn, was largely known Mod lifestyle.
Most outstanding artistic achievements The Pretty Things were the rock opera "SF Sorrow" (1968) and 'Parachute' (1970). This last work, being named Album of the Year 70 'in the evaluation of the influential Rolling Stone magazine.
The band also composed songs for the low-budget film, including the soft-erotic.
In the early 70's ,new London-based compositions include the formation of the elements of blues, hard rock and early heavy metal.....
The Pretty Things continued in the revised composition of the concerts, the latest is album release 'Balboa Island' in 2007...
oh yeah a brand new,dark and powerful studio album from one of the world's, most legendary bands.....Their 11th studio album,after 8 years of silence.... in 47 years of their first release, The Pretty Things (1965) is the first this century,''Balboa Island''(2007).
Fourteen tracks, including: "(Blues For) Robert Johnson", "All Light Up" and "Ballad of Hollis Brown."
You have to hand it to the Pretty Things. If trophies were distributed for tenacity alone, their cabinet would be overflowing. The original hellraisers, the group were peers of the Stones (guitarist Dick Taylor was the Rolling Stones' original bassist) and influenced David Bowie and many others.
Recorded on aged analogue equipment, their 11th studio album, Balboa Island is probably the best record you're going to hear from artists above 40 years into their career. Although its budgets may be considerably smaller than some of their remaining peers, the album's ambitions are suitably widescreen. Lead vocalist and lynchpin Phil May (the man of whom Bowie once wrote 'is God') could really milk his role as time-ravaged troubadour (say, like on "Livin' In My Skin"), but he stays just the right side of cliché throughout.
"The Beat Goes On" is a fantastic statement of intent; it sounds as if it could have been recorded in 1964. With its autobiographical content and nod to the Dirty Pretty Things it shows that age has not mellowed the outfit one jot. "Buried Alive" is proto-metal; in fact, this is business as usual. "Pretty Beat" is an amusing 60s pastiche.

Sincerely yours,

Miguel Campoviejo dijo...

Hello, adamus67 ... this publication is from our partner Katetoskopio biscuit, wearing a down time, but returns to share. regards

adamus67 dijo...

To be someone's friend, you must be worthy of friendship....
Katetoskopio,thanks for sharing

katetoscopio dijo...

Not at all. I hope it's only the first one. There's a lot in the oven.

adamus67 dijo...

oh well that is not in the microwave ...hehehe
But seriously
Pretty, one of my favorite bands. Thanks very much.
Just the music in this world, this life.

Miguel Angel dijo...

Pues lógicamente no son los Pretty Things de los 60s ni los 70s (estos me gustaban menos), pero quien tuvo retuvo, y la admiración hacia el grupo hace que este disco se escuche con un cariño especial. Muchas gracias.

KDNYfm dijo...

I'd love to hear this Pretty Things, but cant find a Link?!? Please help!


KDNYfm dijo...

The mystery is solved, thank you for sharing this! I have all the Pretties on Vinyl and a copy of Phil May and the Fallen Angels. I can only ijmagine that this is just as good or better than all the rest!
Again thank you!!

aldo dijo...

Lo he escuchado un par de veces ya...excelente! Conocía a All light up, tengo un 45 que se editó antes que este album...muy buenos los temas más blues...y más largos, 'Robert Johnson' y 'Hollis Brown' de Dylan...

Anónimo dijo...

Una ayuda, me puede alguien dar el link para descargar este album, se los suplico, por favor! Lo agradeceria muchisimo!

Silvino dijo...

Bueno, tampoco es para tanto, suenan bien a aquella época y mantienen el interés por ver cómo sonará el siguiente tema, pero realmente me han parecido bastante normalitos.