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El Rey B.B y los años de cosecha.

Bueno aqui tenemos como segunda peticion blusera esta segunda caja del rey.
Es un archivo bajado de alguna red y encontrado en los suburbios mas turbios y humeantes de mi disco duro.
No contiene el libreto pero hara las delicias de todo buen BBkinero
Las gracias al/a que lo subio en su dia en Lossless.


Info sacada de

Ace Records is extremely honoured to be able to present THE VINTAGE YEARS, a momentous 4-CD box set of B.B. King's landmark recordings for the Modern Records group on the RPM, Crown and Kent labels in the 1950s and 1960s. B.B. is a true international icon, unquestionably the founding father of the blues and rock guitar styles. Here, his budding genius is revealed for all to see.

Looking back as the leader of this project, I became drawn more and more to B.B.'s music even though I had been listening to him forever. Most notably I was struck by the purity of his vocals (which have tended to be overshadowed by his peerless guitar work), by his knowledge and adaptation of seemingly the entire history of black recorded music, by his growing musical sophistication, and by those superb Maxwell Davis arrangements that have truly matured with age. At the end of it all, my admiration for this body of B.B.'s work is higher than ever.

In its making, the The Vintage Years was not a rush job. For example, Managing Director Roger Armstrong spent many months analysing the Ace archive of over 2,000 B.B. King tapes to select the best (and correct) masters. Eventually Duncan Cowell at Sound Mastering Ltd did the crucial post-production work. The sound is sparkling. Never before has the original studio 'room' ambience of classic numbers such as 3 O'Clock Blues and Please Love Me been heard with such clarity and zest.

An impressive 74-page book, lavishly printed in full colour, accompanies the box and includes:

Essays by Colin Escott and myself, based on new interviews with B.B. King, Joe Bihari (of Modern Records) and Sam Phillips (of Sun Records).

A detailed track analysis by Colin Escott.

A user-friendly B.B. King discography by Peter Gibbon and myself.

A note on the exhaustive tape research process by Roger Armstrong.

Details of B.B.'s tours in the late 1950s, including an area map and contemporary photos of the venues that he graced.

Many previously unseen photos and illustrations.

In effect, the book records a fascinating but vanishing era when B.B. was strictly a star among his own people, mainly playing the arduous chitlin' circuit. At the time the white American and overseas markets were nothing but mirages over distant horizons for him (and his contemporaries). Now, as Sam Phillips observes, B.B.'s audience is worldwide.

Credit for the book editing process goes to Ace's Carol Fawcett, who worked closely with staffer Chris Popham. The impressive box cover idea comes from Philip Lloyd-Smee. Encouragingly, there has been a terrific level of co-operation from B.B. King and his manager Floyd Lieberman-.-those legendary record men Joe Bihari and Sam Phillips-.-award-winning author Colin Escott-.-and many fellow collectors and researchers including Dick Shurman, Dave Sax, Victor Pearlin, Miriam Linna and Chris Bentley. And we must not forget Ray Topping and Ted Carroll, whose pioneering B.B. King releases on Ace paved the way for this box set.

As for myself, it has been a privilege to be embroiled in a work that fills an essential gap in the recorded history of the King Of The Blues. The Vintage Years reminds us just how great B.B. was - and still is. As co-writer Colin Escott notes, This is music of passion and brilliant economy. In terms of ongoing influence, these could very well be the most important post-War blues recordings. Prepare for the shock of the old.

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Ana Mariaaa dijo...

pass: Cosecha

Retrocruza dijo...

Descargué los archivos de BBKing y cada CD está como un sólo track. La pregunta es ¿Cómo hago para obtener los tracks separados?

NK666 dijo...

Esta ya lo tenía, pero agradezco que deis a conocer al REY DEL BLUES, mister B.B. King.

Jay Bee dijo...

¿Está el link por alguna parte? Yo no lo veo...