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John Mayall - Rolling With The Blues (Live) (2003 UK)

Lanzamiento del año 2003 incluyendo temas en directo de conciertos celebrados entre los años `72 -`73 y `80 -`82. BESTIAL, SUBLIME, ACOJONANTE.

Shows celebrados en las ciudades de Frankfurt, Huntington Beach, CA, Minneapolis y otro en Chicago. Y entre los componentes nos encontramos entre otros con Keef Hartley, Blue Mitchell, Freddy Robinson, Red Holloway, John McVie de los Fleetwood Mac, Mick Taylor, Steve Thompson y Colin Allen.

[live '72-73 and '80+'82, various countries, 2CD (Reissue 2006 The private Collection (Snapper 2CD).

Rolling with the Blues chronicles seven John Mayall concerts played between 1972 and 1982. Mayall had given up trying to maintain and support a regular backing group by the early '70s, and was instead working with different configurations for specific gigs. For the 1972 Frankfurt show that opens this two-disc set (a third disc is a DVD interview with Mayall from 2002), Mayall works with a lineup of Keef Hartley on drums, Blue Mitchell on trumpet, Clifford Solomon on sax, Freddy Robinson on guitar, and Victor Gaskin on upright bass. Red Holloway replaces Solomon on sax for a second show in Frankfurt a year later in 1973. A 1980 show in Huntington Beach, CA, finds James Quill Smith on guitar. Two 1982 concerts, one in Minneapolis and one in Chicago, feature John McVie of Fleetwood Mac on bass, while two shows in Italy later in the year, one in Rome and one in Lugo, sport a stripped-down lineup of Mick Taylor, Steve Thompson, and Colin Allen. For all these personnel differences, the sound is remarkably consistent and the live recordings are quite balanced, although things red-line occasionally and now and then there are some obvious dropouts, but nothing too serious. Among the highlights are the over 12-minute jazz blues "Got You on My Mind" and a scuffling "No Holds Barred" from the 1972 Frankfurt show and an appropriately ragged John Lee Hooker homage, "John Lee Boogie," from the 1980 Huntington Beach performance. ~ Steve Leggett, All Music Guide


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Anónimo dijo...

Mas será que John Mayall, tenha algo que não seja importante?
Tudo o que é dele é bom e este não foge à regra.
É um velhinho muito querido e que sabe disto a potes.
O meu sincero agradecimento.

Philip K. dijo...

Hello, thanks for this! however (please understand this not as a negative critic) all, or most of the albums here, are ripped in 320 kbps...a good bitrate (at least in the level compatible with human ears) needs to be no more than 192 kbps. This is not my sole opinion, please see, in case of doubts, the many related articles available on the internet. A bitrate of 192 kbps gives us more reasonable files, speaking of their size, and also a good sound +. And of course, as you know for certain, higher bitrates do not enhance the quality of the original recordings...
Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience, Phil/Canada

AqualungBiscuit dijo...

You´re welcome both and thanks for the thanks.
About Phil has said, I disagree with your opinion totally. I´ve been well-trained in my 4 years on the internet that this quality was perfect but even in flac mode the finished work was superior to any other sound mode. And for this I won´t change my way of thinking but i especially respect your way of thinking cause in this blog we´re very very polite with everybody wherever country they´re visiting us.
Nice to meet you Phil, we hope you´ll visit us more often. Greetings.

Miguel Campoviejo dijo...

Welcome Mr Seas. Phil, Thanks for comment, is well exposed, with courtesy.
And what says ... we have exposed several times this issue, and we maintain that the more compressed, lower bitrate, then, to decompress, there is a loss of sound quality, so they post everything to 320 kbps, relationship is the best size / quality, we know that mp3 is lost to decompress, flac not, but too many Mb for the network.

Dr. Bell Otus dijo...

Olá Vital, por aqui?! eheh
Pois que sejas bem vindo e não te cortes em deixar os teus comentários, pois vejo que em Hippi, tu os fazes em quase todos os "posts" ... Agradeceriamos bastante que os fizesses, já que vejo muitos mamões a sacar, e de comentários rien de rien.

Em todo caso, Mayall é Mayall como já disseste, e tudo o que faz é de "bom" para cima, com elevada qualidade.
Dizem que é "só" o Pai dos Blues brancos, titulo que concordo perfeitamente.
Passa aqui mais vezes (se te agrada, claro está), e vai deixando as tuas palavras que nos animam para seguir com este blog ... além de que estou um bocado farto de não falar (por estes lados) a nossa língua mãe.


To philip k.
Thanks by your opinion, but we gonna proceed at the same bitrate, sorry mate ... if you want, after DL, you can convert your file to 192Kbps with a simple program.


Espantatuertos dijo...

Phillip, I never have read these articles. I don't know if it's really that information.

But here we are going to try the best sound that we can. The folder, we know, is more heavy, but if you like you can convert in other bitrate in two clicks, like said Bellotus.

However, Thanks for your post.

atailadecampoo dijo...

Este Mayall se me resiste,dos veces lo he intentado y ambas cuando llega al 68% se me cuelga.Pero insistiré,así lo gustaré mejor.Graciñas Aqua por este Mayall.Que por los comentarios a ver quien se lo pierde.

Anónimo dijo...

thanks for this mayall stuff, i´ve been lookin for it for a long time!

AqualungBiscuit dijo...

Ataillah, muy wenas y muy gordas y todas las que quepan en kilo, me alegro volver a leerte. En cuanto a tu error, no han habido más quejas, pero todo es posible, de todos modos continua con la tarea, duro con él. Saludos.

I´m very happy to be able to satisfy your likes. And please, ¿could you write down your nickname at the bottom of your comments? So we´ll know whom we´re speaking to. Anyway very very thanks.

atailadecampoo dijo...

Al final lo conseguí,el tema es que cuando hace mal tiempo se va y viene el internet este...Bueno por lo que llevo escuchado me suena mucho al jazzbluessfussion que tanto escuché en mi juventud,y tanto me gustaba y tanto me guste este.Saludos Aqua y zenkius.

katetoscopio dijo...

Nuevo pass: katetoskopio/johnmayall