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Randy Hansen - Hendrix By Hansen (1992 US)

He was born on December 8th, 1954. West Seattle was home for Randy. And it was from another Seattle native that he received his greatest inspiration the year was 1967. Jimi Hendrix brought forth the catalyst for Randy's future when he released the milestone album, Are you Experienced?

Randy IS experienced and he should be experienced by everyone. He grabs the attention of the audience with the first notes of every performance. He holds their attention past the close of the show. The audience carries their unforgettable experience into the streets for the best word of mouth stories since the Bible was merely oral tradition.

He exists as a mystery and a motivation to ax grinders young and old. Eddie Van Halen, "...he's hot...",and calls him a friend ( Guitar Player Magazine ). Rocking teens hanging outside during pre-show sound checks, stand amazed after hearing the searing passages of the Star Spangled Banner. His guitar is a weapon he handles with authority knocking them dead every time it clears leather. Francis Ford Coppola used the staccato bursts and bombastic blasts of Randy's sonic arsenal to add deathlike sound effects to the movie, Apocalypse Now

He's toured with Buddy Miles and with Mitch Mitchell. He's put notes on vinyl and celluloid. He's been experienced and he is an experience. Oh how to properly tell the tales that fall so short of fact. The fact is , Randy Hansen is the slickest thing since James Bond's Aston spewed oil slicks. This man turns Tasmanian Devil on stage. There's no stopping him and there's no telling where he'll be at any moment in the show. He's been spotted on the stacks and swinging in the rafters 30 feet above the floor. He's thrown himself into tumultuous throngs and has been thrown back by frenzied freaks that still sport tie-dyed day glow. He plays the guitar with his whole body and soul. He is a high energy show. He consistently delivers a show that cannot be forgotten by even the deadest of heads.

Tours, albums, movie sound tracks, studio work and jamming with the greats. Randy is a sincerely powerful man of monstrous mood. This direct descendent of Adam sees himself as the reincarnation of Wally Cox. He enjoys drawing, painting, and cartooning as diversions in his madcap life.

Awesome rare LIVE disc from Seattle strat-master RANDY HANSEN featuring 13 killer trax (77 mins.) of mind-blowing heavy Hendrix riffage recorded LIVE in Germany. Includes 3 awesome bonus trax of non-Hendrix jams that will fry your brain. LONG LIVE THE MUSICAL SPIRIT OF JIMI HENDRIX.

 "Hendrix By Hansen", the awesome rare LIVE disc from Seattle strat-master RANDY HANSEN, features 13 trax (77 minutes) of killer, bad-ass, mind-blowing, grooved-out, authentically trippy retro-70's bluesy Hendrixy heavy guitar power trio riffage that is guaranteed to blow your mind. "Hendrix By Hansen" was recorded live in Germany and features 10 outstanding Hendrix jams plus 3 killer live-in-the-studio non-Hendrix bonus trax/jams including an awesome beyond belief 10 minute version of the classic Peter Green / Fleetwood Mac track - "Rattlesnake Shake" that is worth the price of admission alone. Brother RANDY HANSEN digs deep with inspiration and conviction, waving his "HENDRIX FREAK FLAG" high on the "Hendrix By Hansen" disc.

Through the years, RANDY HANSEN has acquired himself quite a reputation as one of the best Hendrix impersonators on the 3rd stone from the sun. He is one of the few players officially recognized by the Hendrix family. RANDY HANSEN has been successfully doing his "Hendrix trip" for years and has toured / played with ULI JON ROTH, JACK BRUCE, PAUL RODGERS, MITCH MITCHELL and BUDDY MILES to name a few. There is an incredible depth and maturity evident with only the most seasoned players - found deep in the grooves as RANDY HANSEN creates landscapes of sound, masterful guitar work, strong riffage and remarkably authentic killer cosmic tones with his guitar. RANDY HANSEN channels the spirit of Jimi through his Fender strat on the awesome "Hendrix By Hansen" disc.


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beamn67 dijo...

Gracias a ti Paco.

Acabo de meter otro DVD en 1pocodmusica, esta vez de Grand Funk Railroad, si te apetece extraer el audio, ya sabes... tu mismo.


Dr. Bell Otus dijo...

Huumm bien bien beamn67 ...

Desafortunadamente me voy a quedar sin el ordenador de casa ... solo tengo lo del curro ... así, no podere tener la mula conectada, y solo podere añadir el Grand Funk ese, cuando tuviere el ordenador formateado, joer.

En todo caso, gracias por avisarme y mas una vez, gracias por este maravilloso tributo al más grande.


Espantatuertos dijo...

Beamn, es brutal el disco(dvd). Una maravilla. Estoy ahora con little wing y es que se me erizan los pelillos.
Kikas que buen trabajo al pasarnos esto a cd. Realmente da gusto pasarse por este blog y encontarse estas joyas escondidas.
Un saludo a ambos y que se repita cuando querais.

Anónimo dijo...

Me gusta mucho RH y supongo que este disco en vivo vale mucho...escusame mi espanol pobre..gracias

katetoscopio dijo...

Nuevo pass (refresco): katetoskopio/randyhansen

Testigo eventual dijo...

Oye maestro pero que buen cover, gracias por pasarme dato , ya ets asonando por las calles de lima peru en mi sistema de audiocar full.