domingo, 20 de enero de 2008

The Funkees - Now I'm A Man (1976 NIG)


**The Funkees - Now I'm A Man (AfroFunk Nigeria 1976) - 256 kb

The Funkees originated as an army band after the civil war, and by the time they relocated to London in 1972, they looked to be the group that was closest to achieving the dream of becoming "the next Osibisa." Unfortunately, after just two LPs and a couple of 45s, the band broke up in 1977. Most of the members--Jake Sollo, Harry Mosco, Mohammed Ahidjo, Chyke Madu and Sonny Akpan--remained active in the London music scene, doing session work, recording their own albums aimed at the Nigerian market at home and abroad, and supporting visiting Nigerian artists.


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